Thursday, June 11, 2009

A retrospective on learning to walk

There's a number of strange trends I've noticed while learning animation through various institutions. A few topics are consistently revisited over several subjects, from several institutions over the course of several years. One is the bouncing ball, which I may discuss some other time.

This post is dedicated to the walk cycle, in all its iterations starting from my first year of university to now, the half way point of my course.

My first attempt at a walk cycle, in 2D in my first year...

Another first attempt, this time with the medium of 3D in my second year.

Following this attempt, I was recommended by my lecturer to try a different model and made some pointers about balance and follow through and the like.

The second walk cycle led to a number of realisations on my behalf, and got a much better critical review from my lecturer.

The next assignment was an "emotional" walk cycle, my personal favourite.I wasn't around when the lecturer got his first impressions of my emotional walk cycle, but afterwards he spared no effort in discussing everything good about my animation.

I like to think it's pretty good.

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